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Pre-Order Policy

Pre-orders are a very important part of the model railroad hobby today. Now that many model train manufacturers are announcing products well in advance you may need to pre-order the products you want. These companies rely on pre-orders to determine their production requirements. They usually cannot go into production until they receive the required amount of pre-orders from their distributors, dealers and customers. Many of these products are released in limited quantities, especially the first run. Placing your pre-order with us will make sure you get your item as soon as it is available.

As a hobby dealer, Hobby Rails is required to place our orders for new releases often months in advance. We are required to make a firm commitment to our suppliers so we can receive the merchandise upon release. When you place your pre-order for these products, we also require you to make the same commitment to us. We achieve this by charging your credit card or PayPal upfront. By placing your pre-order, you can rest assured that you will receive it as soon as it comes in.

When it comes to future merchandise, we have no control when these products are actually released. There are many reasons why an advance release may be delayed.