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Bar Mills HO Modular Structure Kit (Laser-cut) - The 1-Kit

Bar Mills HO Modular Structure Kit (Laser-cut) - The 1-Kit

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Create one-of-a-kind buildings for your railroad with this unique product. The "1-Kit" takes you beyond the limits of traditional kits that only model a specific building. It provides you with a set of basic basswood parts that can be modified in an almost endless variety of ways to scratchbuild just about any kind of wooden structure. You can also adapt them or combine them with wood, metal and plastic parts from other kits.
The basic 2-story wall sections (kit includes four) feature clapboard siding on the front and partially laser-cut window and door openings on the rear. Simply cut the wall sections to size or combine sections for multi-story buildings and remove openings to add doors or windows where you want them. Separate laser-cut windows can be assembled in the stock 10-pane style, or easily modified to smaller configurations. You can also model windows open or closed for a new level of detail. Separate "people" doors (both with and without windows; five doors total) and two styles of larger freight doors are also included. All doors and windows assemble in layers and feature separate frames so multi-color paint jobs are a snap. Each "1-Kit" also includes a set of printed paper signs, stripwood interior bracing and clear acetate "glass" for windows. All you need to add is your favorite roofing material and any detail parts to complete your model.
A 15 page how-to manual takes you through all of the cutting and assembly steps, each of which is illustrated with clear black and white photos. Lots of assembly hints and ideas are also provided.

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