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Blair Line N Tom's Corn Crib Kit

Blair Line N Tom's Corn Crib Kit

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  • Corn cribs are used for storing shucked ears of corn. The slat sides allows for the circulation of air so the corn will dry and not spoil. The dried corn on the cob was fed whole or shelled and used as animal feed. Corn cribs were found on just about any farm that raised it's own corn and livestock.
  • The prototype for this kit was found near Jarbalo, Kansas by Tom Stolte. This eight sided corn crib is a little unusual, but makes for a fantastic model. 
  • Kit features laser-cut concrete floor, wood slat walls and framing, flashing, hinges and signs. Also includes plywood roofing with laser etched three tab shingles. Laser  cut base with locating holes for each wall make this kit a snap to put together. Adhesive backing on some of the parts for fast and easy assembly.
  • 1.43" diameter x 1.54" tall.

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