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Walthers Cornerstone N Wood Coaling Tower Kit

Walthers Cornerstone N Wood Coaling Tower Kit

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A Steam Engine Servicing Facility Necessity

An essential part of any steam-era layout, this kit is based on a North American prototype. It's typical of those found at smaller terminals, stations, junctions, helper terminals and along secondary and branch lines. Wood towers were also found on mainlines, especially before more modern concrete towers came along, and many survived until the end of steam--long enough to serve big 2-8-8-2s and other large engines. The model features realistic wood siding, chutes for two tracks and a hopper dump shed.  Dimensions - 3-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 6-1/2" 

You can create a complete steam-era servicing facility with this kit and the Modern Roundhouse (#933-3260), which can be expanded up to a full-circle with additional Add-on Stalls (#933-3261); Machine Shop (#933-3264), Sanding Tower and Drying House (#933-3813), Cinder Conveyor (#933-3816), assembled 130' Turntable (#933-2613), and assembled Steel Water Tank (#933-2601).


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