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American Model Builders HO Grand Avenue Tower Laser-Cut Wood Kit

American Model Builders HO Grand Avenue Tower Laser-Cut Wood Kit

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This kit was inspired by an article written by Jim Findley in the January 1969 issue of Model Railroader entitled “Signal Tower for Minimum Space.” In the article, Jim noted that the overall design of his signal tower was, “predicated on a compromise in three requirements: the appearance of a fairly complex-appearing structure; construction that would not require an inordinate amount of time to complete; and the requirement that it fit into the almost prohibitively small area that was available.” Well, the kit designers and lasers have taken care of the first two prerequisites; all the modeler needs to do is have the tight space available in which to fit this tower!

While so familiar in appearance to the many small, wooden interlocking and signal towers found throughout the United States, this freelanced elevated building exhibits the complexity Jim was looking for in a small space: two-flight wooden staircase, multiple windows with positionable sashes, resin cast storage bin and smokejack, moveable interlocking levers inside with external vertical linkages, and a removable roof – all in a foot print size of 5.5 inches long by only 1 inch wide. Perfectly sized for placement between parallel tracks in a yard or along a siding, the 3.75-inch tall tower features 100% laser-scribed and cut materials with our usual Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction. Furthermore, it features a convenient assembly jig for keeping the intricate stairway and elevated cabin perfectly aligned and safe until installation on the layout.

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