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American Model Builders HO Velvet Freeze Grill Laser-Cut Wood Kit

American Model Builders HO Velvet Freeze Grill Laser-Cut Wood Kit

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By the late 1940’s, America’s love affair with the automobile was well underway and traveling by car became an increasingly popular recreational pursuit throughout the decades that followed. As more and more motorists took to American highways, roadside eateries began to appear. These establishments ranged in style from the modern, anemic full-service diners to the more distinctive hand-built roadside stands of Route 66 lore. One of the nation’s favorite foods, ice cream was perfect for adaptation to this fast food environment. A popular perennial treat at amusement parks and resorts in the early twentieth century, it was a logical choice for roadside sale. The ice cream cone, developed in the late 1890s, allowed this cold delicacy to be quickly served and eaten while on the road.

The structures created for use as these roadside ice cream stands varied from simple, one-of-kind buildings housing mom and pop operations to more sophisticated architectural designs that grew into the commercial food chain companies. However, both types of stands had a number of common characteristics including the businesses’ close proximity to the road for maximum visibility and accessibility to passing motorists, ample parking immediately adjacent to the buildings, prominently placed service windows, colorful paint schemes, and eye-catching signage.

All of these attributes are quite apparent in our Velvet Freeze Grill kit, which represents a typical mom and pop ice cream stand of the 1950s and 1960s. Successful in serving ice cream to hot and hungry travelers along the highway, they have expanded their menu to include America’s other growing fast food favorite - burgers and fries. From its rooftop billboard signage to its icicle style soffit trim, and giant roadside ice cream cone statue, the Velvet Freeze Grill will easily draw in the crowds along your HO scale roadways.

Features of the kit include:
  • 100% laser-cut structure components
  • Peel & stick window and door assembly
  • Metal style roofing with hexagonal shingle cap
  • Cast resin ice cream cone statue
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Trash cans
  • Laser-cut picnic tables
  • Intricate icicle soffit trim
  • Full-color signage
  • Assembled structure measures 4” Long x 4” Wide x 3” High

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